Advanced Dentistry for Tooth DecayPeople often discard tooth decay as a minor dental problem that does not need the attention of their family dentist right away. However, numerous dentistry studies have shown that tooth decay, especially in the advanced stages, also links to chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and even respiratory illnesses.

Tooth decay is a serious dental problem affecting 91% of American adults aged 20 to 64. It needs to be addressed as early as possible to prevent more advanced dentistry and general health problems.

Advanced Dentistry Procedures for Advanced Tooth Decay

Tooth decay has started to advance in modern culture and this calls for advanced dentistry procedures. The procedures for serious tooth decay in patients will be costly. However, these are necessary to restore oral health and avoid further irreversible dentistry related complications. Some of these are handled by your family dentist and others including expensive cosmetic dentistry needs handled by a specialized dentist.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are needed if a cavity has formed and can be easily performed by your family dentist. Your family dentist will remove the decay or cavity and then fill the tooth with a material to help restore the tooth to its original shape. How will the cavity be removed? A dentistry practice will do this using a small drill. Don’t worry, the dentist will provide a local anesthetic so you won’t feel a thing.

The material for the fillings is made of composite materials that are tooth-colored or an amalgam that are made of a metal alloy. This is one treatment that does not require sedation. Sedation is a gentle treatment used to help the patient into a more relaxed state while the advanced procedures are taking place. For general oral care, dentists recommend patients use advanced techniques to keep up the cosmetic appearance of their fillings.

Dental Crown

Now, your tooth might look badly damaged because of the severity of the decay. The infected part will need completely removed and replaced with a high-quality dental crown. Your dentist will offer you a cosmetic crown made of gold, porcelain, and other materials of your choice. Of course, these materials vary by price, with the gold crown being the most expensive. Dentistry care services will typically use this as a more advanced option.

Root Canal

One of the most common dentistry procedures for advanced tooth decay is a root canal. A root canal, one of many advanced dentistry procedures needed to fix decay. Usually, it consists of dental sedation. A root canal, in general, involves removing the decayed pulp of the infected tooth. The pulp is a soft tissue located under the white enamel found inside your teeth.

The pulp houses nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels and is responsible for helping the tooth grow during tooth development. When the pulp decays, you will feel a severe toothache and even an abscess. Dentists want to avoid tooth abscess at all costs.

Tooth Extraction

Advanced Dentistry Procedures for Serious Oral Health ProblemsThis is one of the more advanced dentistry procedures that a dentist will offer a patient. If the root of the tooth itself is of poor quality and seriously damaged beyond repair, the tooth must be extracted.

This will not pose any problem if the extracted tooth’s at the back, but if it’s in the front, it will be unsightly. Some people with extracted front teeth replace the tooth with implants or a dental bridge. Since dental implants are a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies won’t cover them. Also, since these are advanced types of surgery, it will cost more.

Tooth decay should be addressed in its earliest stages to avoid having to undergo serious care like implants for advanced tooth decay. The more advanced it becomes, the more advanced dentistry procedures you will need to fix them.

All of these treatments are highly effective, safe, and deliver high success rates with proper maintenance. So if you have serious tooth decay or other dental problems, contact a dentist practice for a consultation and for a dentistry treatment plan that will offer to solve your problems today. Look for reviews of the dentist as well so that you will trust you’re in the hands of a comprehensive and experienced professional. For any of your dental needs, give Canyon Rim Dental a call today at (801)486-3887.