Emigration Canyon Dentist

Our office is conveniently located for our patients who come from Emigration Canyon. At Canyon Rim Dental we serve patients from all across the valley, and many of our patients live in Emigration Canyon. If you are looking for a dentist in Salt Lake City, Dr. Sam Delahunty is a phenomenal choice. Once you have been to our office you will quickly understand why we are one of the most highly rated dentists near Emigration Canyon, and why many of our patients are willing to travel long distances to visit our dental practice.

You Should be Confident About Your Cosmetic Dentistry

We want our patients to smile all of the time. Smiling is shown to increase happiness levels, and helping patients be more confident in their smile is our way of spreading happiness. This means that we work hard to provide the best cosmetic dentistry available to patients in Emigration Canyon. If you feel like you would like to be more confident in your smile, contact us today. You will be happy that you did! Give us a call today at (801) 486-3887.

Dental Implants You Can Rely On

Your teeth go through a lot of wear and tear. This is the reason that many people lose teeth. This means that replacement teeth need to be strong in order to stand up to the same vigorous routines that your teeth go through on a daily basis. We put a special emphasis on using the highest quality dental implant material available so that when our patients get a dental implant, they can be confident that it will be high quality. Schedule a consult today to see if dental implants are a good fit for you.

Technologically Advanced Dental Clinic Near Emigration Canyon

Staying on top of technology is something that can really set a dental clinic apart. Finding things early and repairing them quickly are two things that set a great dentist apart from the rest. At Canyon Rim Dental, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of new dental procedures and technology. This is always done with our patients in mind.

Natural Looking Dentures

We can all think of that person who everyone knows has dentures. Ill fitting dentures are definitely a reality, but not for our patients at Canyon Rim Dental. When someone has a great fitting natural looking denture, like we provide at Canyon Rim Dental, you will never know that they have the denture. Their smile looks great and natural.

A Brief History of Emigration Canyon, Utah

Emigration Canyon is historically known as the original route used by American pioneers as they entered Utah for the first time in the mid-nineteenth century. The Donner Party, a group of civilians headed westward, passed through the canyon on a route called the Hastings Cutoff, an alternative passage to California used during the famous American Gold Rush. The Donner Party became famous, or perhaps infamous, as their journey was one of the least successful and most dangerous pioneer journeys in American history. The Donner Party spent their winter months starving in the Sierra Nevada, notoriously engaging in cannibalism in order to survive. Out of the 87 passengers in the wagon train, only 48 reached California alive.

On a lighter note, just a year after the disastrous Donner event, the canyon was also used (more successfully) as passage to Salt Lake Valley by Mormon pioneers, early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Brigham Young, a historical leader of the Latter-Day Saints and a well-known American western settler, is famously quoted as overlooking the canyon and proclaiming, “This is the right place. Drive on,” in reference to an alleged vision he had shortly after his followers had been exiled from their previous home in Illinois.

The so-called Mormon Trail soon became a bustling passageway for merchants, emigrants, scouts, gold miners, and more. Eventually, as the Gold Rush slowed, the steady stream of traveling wagons came to a halt, and the canyon gradually turned into a place to live rather than a thoroughfare. John Killian, a logger and miller, was the first official resident, and he is commemorated by a popular fork in the area bearing his misspelled, it’s-the-thought-that-counts name: Killyon’s Canyon. President Calvin Coolidge even considered Emigration Canyon as a location for a presidential summer home, although those plans fell through. Later, one of the largest ale breweries west of the Mississippi River sprang up at the mouth of canyon.

Today, also at the mouth of the canyon is now the beautiful, aptly-named This Is the Place Heritage Park. Near This is the Place Heritage Park is Hogle Zoo, the flagship zoo of the Salt Lake area. This 42-acre, accredited zoo was founded in 1931. Emigration Canyon has also been home to Camp Kostopulus, Utah’s primary charity camp for adults and children with disabilities since 1967.

We encourage you to conduct more research on your own on the rich history of Emigration Canyon, and consider taking a trip to visit someday! You’re sure to find something that catches your eye. As Brigham Young said, it’s the right place.