Quality Dentist for Your Dental Needs in Kearns, UT

We work hard to provide dentistry that is convenient for families, but that also meets the needs of all of our patients. We offer a wide variety of dental services which makes Canyon Rim Dental an extremely convenient option for routine dental care, family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. You will love the patients experience provided in our dental practice. We spend extra time making sure that our patients have a dental experience that is unparalleled. This is what keeps patients coming back for years!

Convenient Family Dentistry For Our Patients in Kearns

Location is a major factor when choosing a dentist. We are conveniently located and attract a very high number of patients from Kearns, UT. People are willing to travel long distances to be seen in our office, but for our patients who live in the Salt Lake Valley, like Kearns residents, the trip into our family dental practice is short and convenient.

Affordable Dentistry Options

If you live in Kearns and do not have dental insurance, we have affordable in-office discount plans that are typically a great option for those patients who are uninsured. Many patients choose these plans because they are self employed or simply do not find dental insurance to be a viable option for themselves of their family. If you want to find out about our discount plans, give us a call today!

Quality Dentures

There are dentures like you see in the horror stories (you know, the ones that fall out because they don’t fit well), and then there are dentures like we offer at Canyon Rim Dental (you know, the ones that you never know other people have because they look so natural). We pride ourselves in providing dentures that fit well and that look fantastic (often even better than natural teeth). If you feel like you may be at a point where dentures are the right option for you, and if you are located in Kearns, Utah or anywhere else in the Salt Lake valley, give us a call today for a consult!

Dental Implants

If you are looking for dental implants, look no further than Canyon Rim Dental. Dental implants are a high quality option for tooth replacement. Quality dental implants can last a lifetime if you take good care of your health. Our dentists have received extra training in order to provide dental implants to our patients. Give us a call today to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

The History of Kearns, Utah

While a successful township today, Kearns was not founded under the happiest of circumstances. Kearns came to life in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, in May of 1942. The United States Air Force had decided that training bases would be safer located farther inland, reducing vulnerability to similar coastal attacks. Northern Utah was believed to be an optimal choice for this relocation, since it was easily reached by railroad and airplane from major ports such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Seattle. Additionally, the climate of Kearns is seasonably predictable and usually mild enough for aircraft activity and landings, making Kearns the ideal location for a new Air Force training facility.

Kearns went through a couple of different names during its construction and early life, such as Kearns Center, Kearns Army Air Base, and Camp Kearns. Hundreds of buildings sprang up quickly, mainly built from plywood and other temporary materials. Thousands of soldiers, airmen, and trainers were stationed there during the remainder of World War II, transforming the base into one of the largest cities in Utah. In fact, Kearns was not necessarily well-received by the residents of Salt Lake City and other locals, who believed that it was too crowded and were not very hospitable or welcoming towards the servicemen there. However, they could not deny that the base had had a positive impact on the state of Utah’s economy. In August of 1946, the Air Force officially deactivated the base, and the State of Utah inherited all of the property. Initially, there were plans to completely level the base and return it to farmland, but the locals protested vehemently due to the attractive layout of the area, which they called “a model city.” The roads, buildings, and other infrastructure made the former air base a prime target for settlers, realtors, and other developers of the time. By 1948, it was officially on its road to becoming one of the quickest-growing cities of the area, especially in the mid-century industry boom that took place after the war.

Presently, two of the sturdier and best-preserved original air base buildings remain standing as historical landmarks. Additionally, the airfield section of the base has been converted to Utah’s South Valley Regional Airport. The population of Kearns continues to grow, and the township has been thriving ever since. If you’re interested in visiting some of the Salt Lake-area sights, be sure to stop by Kearns to get your fix of historical knowledge and welcoming hospitality – and if you’re sporty, be sure to check out the Olympic Oval.