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Dr. Delahunty, has invested hundreds of hours to make sure that Canyon Rim Dental provides our patients in Taylorsville, UT with a phenomenal dental experience. Our patients love the attention that we give to each and every person who

Our dentists have received some of the best training available. As dental professionals, they have worked to become they type of dentists that you want working on your teeth. This is one of the reasons that Canyon Rim Dental has been able to maintain such a great reputation!

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We are proud of the updates that we have made in our office. You will find that we are using cutting edge equipment and technology in our office to ensure that your experience is second to none. Our clinic is conveniently located and meets all of the OSHA standards required. You can be confident that our dental office will always be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.

Quality Taylorsville Dental Implants

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If you want a tooth replacement option that can last as long as the rest of your teeth, while maintaining the optimal use of your teeth, you are looking for dental implants. Our dentists provide quality dental implants to our patients in Taylorsville, UT and throughout the Salt Lake valley. You will be amazed at the results that our patients have been getting from these procedures. They love the look and feel of their new tooth or teeth, and you will too!

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Although we provide general dentistry and family dentistry services, we are perhaps best known for our cosmetic dentistry. We provide life changing cosmetic dentistry surgeries that help people be more confident in themselves and in their smiles. Our patients who have had cosmetic dentistry procedures performed in our office tell us that they love looking in the mirror and liking what they see. Those types of comments make us happy as a provider of cosmetic dental procedures.


  • Affordable Tooth Replacement Option

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Dentures are typically more affordable than dental implants. They can also be made to look very nice. Another advantage of dentures is that they are usually finished faster than dental implants will be. While they have a few advantages, they are not the ideal option. Dentures do not support bone retention as well as dental implants, and they don’t facilitate natural eating and speaking the way that dental implants do either. Rest assured that Dr. Delahunty is phenomenal at getting dentures to fit right and look nice, however, we do encourage anyone who is a candidate to seriously consider dental implants.

Oral Surgery

We offer several procedures that fall into the category of oral surgery. Although we are not oral surgeons, we can perform surgical extractions, dental implants and more. Many of our patients in Taylorsville love the convenience that this provides. For most situations you will not need to go to multiple dental professionals to have your work completed. This saves our patients in Taylorsville both time and money.

Root Canal

  • Don’t Need an Endodontist for a Root Canal

  • Save Teeth With Root Canal Therapy

Many people do not realize that they don’t necessarily need an endodontist for a root canal. Our dentists can provide root canal therapy in a number of different situations. For most patients, this will save them time and money. If you are looking for an endodontist in Taylorsville, our office can probably help you with your root canal needs.

A Glimpse at the History of Taylorsville, Utah

Historically, Taylorsville is quite a young city, officially founded only in 1996. That said, Taylorsville was incorporated from some portions of the Kearns census-designated place (CDP) and the Taylorsville-Bennion CDP. There is some variation among communities about what exactly constitutes a CDP, but in general, these communities are not large enough to count as cities or towns, but they are fully incorporated and formally recognized population concentrations that, as their name implies, are counted in the state census as independent from other towns or cities.

The Kearns CDP had been built in 1942 when the U.S. Air Force determined that it needed to move its bases inland to avoid coastal attacks following the Pearl Harbor bombing. The Taylorsville-Bennion CDP was a name given to the two separate historic communities of – guess! – Taylorsville and Bennion, both of which were largely agricultural communities as their area of the Salt Lake Valley consisted mainly of plainland. All of these small settlements were, well, settled my Mormon Pioneers, who were led from Illinois to the Salt Lake Valley by Brigham Young in 1847, scattering off to inhabit different regions around what is now Salt Lake City. Until the mid-twentieth century, the boundaries and “formal” names of these three particular areas were vague and poorly understood.

By the 1980s, each of those CDPs had been growing rapidly, and many felt that that the South Lake County Commission was allowing the area to grow too quickly, particularly involving new apartment complexes. The first attempt to merge into a City of Taylorsville failed narrowly, but another push for full incorporation in 1995 succeeded, with the hopes that becoming a city would encourage some mitigated apartment growth, better law enforcement, and more controlled costs of county services. Some inhabitants of the previous CDPs were less than thrilled about the merge, but it is largely believed that the incorporation was for the best. At the time, a number of different names were considered, including Midvalley City and Oquirrh, but Taylorsville won out, retaining the namesake of John Taylor, the third established president of the Mormon church. That said, it’s been affectionately nicknamed “Centennial City” since it came to life so close to the turn of the century, in 1996, which was also, coincidentally, the centennial anniversary of the statehood recognition of Utah.

Today, with a population of about 60,000 as of 2016, Taylorsville is a prominent city in Salt Lake County, unique in its youth that bears a rich and blended history. Many of Taylorsville’s inhabitants are pleased with the more centralized control of community activities, economic growth, public education, and other public services. Aside from making its way as a steadily-growing city, Taylorsville is a popular travel destination, with many mountain trails for hiking, cycling, and taking in the scenic view of the Salt Lake Valley. Taylorsville also experiences the four distinct seasons that are common among the Utah climate, and is easily accessible from the remaining portions of Kearnes to the west and Murray City to the east, each with their own histories and attractions as well.