At Canyon Rim Dental, we’re proud to serve as a high-quality, modern dentist office using the latest dental technology and expertise to benefit all our clients. Dr. Sam Delahunty, a lifelong Salt Lake City resident, is a premiere dental healthcare provider in the state, with a detailed list of qualifications that includes not only extensive training and expertise, but also numerous awards and certificates within his field.

One particular area where Dr. Delahunty and his team’s varied expertise regularly comes into play is the offering of same-day dental crowns, often to those who have undergone a dental emergency of some kind and need immediate attention. Here’s a primer on why dental crowns are important, the purposes of same-day crowns and how their benefits compare to those of traditional crowns.

benefits same-day dental crowns

When Fillings Aren’t Enough

Both dental patients and dentists alike are always searching for the lowest-impact way to solve dental issues without a high recurrence potential, and in some cases the proper route here will involve a simple dental filling. Many minor issues of decay, cracking or other damage can be restored with proper filling techniques.

In other cases, however, issues are significant enough that this is not a realistic option. A dental crown is often the only way to fully restore not only the appearance of a tooth, but also its functionality within the mouth. Crowns are meant to mimic real teeth in both their feel and appearance.

Same-Day Crown Purposes

Why might a same-day crown be chosen over a traditional crown for a patient in need? Here are a couple possible reasons:

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Some of the general benefits associated with same-day dental crowns include:

For more on same-day dental crowns, or to learn about the other areas that make Dr. Delahunty a premiere dental healthcare provider, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.