Finding a Great Dental Professional is About Knowing What to Look For

Yes, we are fully aware that the words love and dentist are not two words that you typically use in the same sentence.  If this is how you feel, chances are that you are not yet a patient at Canyon Rim Dental in Salt Lake. Here is a guide to finding a dentist you will love. These are things that our patients routinely say about us.

When recently speaking with Dr. Joseph Thomas, a dentist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he made a great point that becoming a dental office that patients love is as simple as listening, solving problems and doing good dentistry. You can learn more about Dr. Thomas at, or you can check out his Google+ page.

The best dentists are able to provide emotional support for their patients as they guide them through necessary dental procedures. An emotional connection with your dentist can have a positive impact on your health and the outcome of your dental treatment. Searching for a new dentist after being with one for several years is a difficult process. The intent of these general directions is to make your search process a little easier.

Character Attributes of a Great Dental Care Provider

Great Dentist Salt Lake CityRespected dentists, like those here at Canyon Rim Dental, have good listening skills and a truly care about each and every patient. When you find an exceptional dentist you will be able to tell that money isn’t the reason that he or she became a health practitioner. If you ever feel as though your dentist is just motivated by money, use these guidelines to find a new dentist immediately because your health depends upon having a dentist invested in treating you and not just getting a paycheck. You should always seek treatment from a dentist who takes the time to get to know you. This isn’t really something that someone has to teach you. You can tell when someone genuinely cares about your well-being.

Qualifications to Look For

Selecting a dentist that’s properly skilled to perform your treatment is important. Make certain that the college that your dentist attended is a good one. In order to find out more about your dentist, you could look at the diplomas on display or conduct an internet search. If you find no evidence of your dentist’s educational background and license status, file a report with your state dental board and find a new dentist without delay.

Qualifications of Your Providers at Canyon Rim Dental

Dr. Sam Delahunty attended Creighton University which is a highly respected dental school. He has since received advanced training to provide our patients at Canyon Rim Dental Salt Lake with the best treatment available.

Dr. Mark Taylor attended the University of the Pacific Dental School. He has done countless hours of continuing education to advance his skills. As a testament to the quality service he provides, Dr. Taylor is a very respected assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry.

Finding the Right Dental Practice Near You

With regards to picking a dental care professional, location is absolutely an imperative component. When you live in Salt Lake City like many of our patients, you could possibly have huge delays on the way to the office. Rural areas aren’t much better since scheduling an appointment when you need to be seen can be difficult. Consider all the pros and cons before switching from your present dentist to a new one. At Canyon Rim Dental, we are conveniently located so that access from anywhere in Salt Lake City is relatively easy.

While some dental care providers are applauded for their technical skills, the very best dentists are those who treat their patients with kindness and compassion. These providers are those who can help you maintain your health by ensuring that you have the best medicines and dental procedures possible. A great dentist will take the time to sit, listen to, and discuss your issues with you, and they may find you the very best treatment they can. If you do not feel that your dental care provider is giving you the very best possible care, find yourself a new dentist immediately. May we highly recommend that you give Canyon Rim Dental a try? We are confident that you will be happy that you did. Give us a call today at (801)486-3887.