Parents Beware! What you think maybe Healthy Food and Beverage options for your children maybe in fact NOT and actually causing significant oral health concerns for your child and you.

Diligent parents are always looking for healthy foods to give their kids for lunch, both in terms of overall bodily health and oral health areas.

At Canyon Rim Dental, we’re here to help with this latter area as a premiere dental healthcare provider for you and your family.

We offer a huge range of general dentistry services, from fluoride treatments to teeth whitening and many others, but also general expertise for parents when it comes to developing young mouths. One interesting area here: There are several food or beverage items out there that have a reputation as “healthy” products, but may actually be causing significant oral health concerns for your child (or for you if you eat these regularly). Let’s go over a few of the most common such products and why you should generally avoid them when it comes to oral care.

foods avoid child oral care

Dried Fruits

While many normal fruit types are fantastic for both oral health and overall health, dried fruit is a bit of a different story. For one, as the name suggests, it does not contain water content – this is a big part of fruit’s nutritional value to begin with, and also helps to clean the teeth while fruit is being eaten. Fruit without it will not be the same.

In addition, dried fruit tends to come with much higher quantities of sugar. A single plum, for instance, contains about 16 grams of sugar – but that same plum cut up and used in a cup of dried plums (aka prunes) will have about 45 grams of sugar in it. Sugar, as most parents know, is a direct risk when it comes to cavities and tooth decay in children.

Trail Mix

Many consider trail mix to be a healthy alternative to many of the less attractive snacks out there, but there are some risks here when it comes to oral care. This depends on the specific contents of the mix: Those containing too much sugar or fat will not be good for your child’s teeth. If you’ve been using a trail mix with lots of chocolate and candy in it, you should strongly consider cutting back. On the flip side, however, unflavored trail mixes without this sugar or fat content are generally acceptable.

Sports Drinks and Vitamin Water

Finally, sports drinks and vitamin water formats are often given to kids, especially those who play sports. These are even marketed as “nutritional” in many cases – but this is often misleading. Many brands of sport drinks or enhanced water come with massive amounts of sugar, including some that race past a child’s daily sugar allowance within a single 20-ounce drink. Many sports drinks have more sugar than a can of soda! Use regular bottled water with no sugar, which will help clean the teeth while providing hydration.

For more on foods and beverages to avoid when feeding your child with oral care in mind, or to learn about any of our general dentistry services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.