There are a few types of pain no one wants to experience while exercising, and one that’s a bit less common – but still prevalent among certain people – is pain in the teeth. While many of us expect to feel muscle pain or related aches during or after exercise, tooth pain while working out is a bit more surprising in some cases.

At Canyon Rim Dental, not only are we proud to offer numerous standard general dentistry services to all Salt Lake City clients, from fluoride treatments to basic checkups and more, we’re also here to help with rarer concerns like tooth pain while exercising. In some cases, this pain might be due to simple concerns you can remedy pretty easily on your own; in others, it may signal an untreated oral health issue that a dentist should attend to right away. Here are some of the potential causes of this pain and what you can do about them.

SLC tooth pain exercising


For many, the cause of this pain is a condition called bruxism, which refers to the grinding of the teeth, often compulsively and without conscious knowledge. Bruxism symptoms will often be present during periods of strenuous exercise, particularly near the end of a session when you’re focused extremely hard on finishing up your set.

Bruxism can lead to everything from basic soreness and discomfort to serious concerns like the wearing down of tooth enamel. For some, if bruxism extends to sleeping periods, your dentist will outfit you with a mouthguard to prevent enamel wear-down. You can also consider themes of relaxation and mindfulness while exercising to help keep you conscious of grinding your teeth, helping allow you to relax.

Sinus Issues

There are other cases where this tooth pain while exercising actually has nothing to do with your oral health at all. If you have a sinus infection, for instance, tooth pain can sometimes be one of the symptoms, and may show up during exercise as your mouth jogs up and down. If you have other sinus symptoms like eye swelling, breathing through the nose or coughing, this could be the concern.

Cold Temperatures

For others, the simple cold air during winter could be the culprit here. Some people have especially sensitive teeth that will hurt in the cold. If this is your issue, try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, as air is warmer on its way out and will not create this pain. If you’re still having this issue repeatedly, contact your dentist for assistance.

Untreated Oral Issues

Finally, it’s possible this pain is due to some other untreated oral health issue, such as a tooth infection. Any issue that creates inflammation in the tooth area will potentially be exacerbated from a pain standpoint during exercise, a period where blood flow increases throughout the body. If none of the issues above are the cause of your problem, contact our dental offices right away to set up an appointment and get to the root of the issue.

For more on why your teeth hurt during exercise, or to learn about any of our Salt Lake City family dentist services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.