In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics of how to respond if you’re involved in a dental emergency. Whether such an emergency is taking place within your own mouth or someone close to you, such as a spouse or child, it’s important to understand how to react and what to do to ensure the proper treatment is received.

At Canyon Rim Dental, we offer a variety of same-day emergency dental care services as needed by our patients, from tooth extractions to many other potential solutions. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few other elements of how you should proceed if you or someone close to you experiences a dental emergency, including who to call, how to deal with insurance coverage and some notes on conditions that might not necessarily qualify as “emergencies.”

how respond dental emergencies

Who to Call

In the vast majority of cases, primarily if your dental emergency occurs during normal office hours, please feel free to call Canyon Rim Dental. As we noted above, we offer same-day emergency dental services, and have the equipment and the ability to handle most dental emergency on-site and the same day. While scheduling your emergency appointment, our staff will also offer helpful tips on how to proceed in the meantime.

In cases where such an emergency takes place late at night or outside our normal business hours, you can call us on our emergency line at 801-486-3887.

Handling Insurance Coverage

While this shouldn’t be your very first concern during an emergency – this should be staying safe and receiving the proper treatment – insurance coverage will definitely be a consideration during this process. Luckily, most dental insurance plans cover basic emergency care, whether it’s provided by your primary dentist or an emergency room.

One situation that may not be covered here is care provided by a different dentist who is outside your network. If you have time to check coverage in advance and manage this area, do so within reason. Also be sure your coverage includes dental or urgent care, as there will be plans that do not – in some situations, this sort of thing will be covered by your medical plan, not your dental plan.

Non-Emergency Issues

Finally, both for your own sake and to keep dental offices from overflowing, it’s important not to panic for issues that don’t quite qualify as true emergencies. Some examples of these issues:

In cases where you cannot stop bleeding or swelling, seek emergency care. In addition, if you’re not sure whether your injury qualifies as an emergency, call our offices and speak to a staff member.

For more on emergency dental treatment, or to learn about any of our general dentistry services, please call Canyon Rim Dental and speak to one of our staff members today at 801-486-3887.