In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on why back teeth are important for oral health. While they’re tougher to see, these teeth play a major role in everything from chewing to mouth alignment, and they’re important to maintain.

At Canyon Rim Dental, we’re happy to help with a variety of back teeth maintenance approaches, including assistance when a back tooth is knocked out. We offer dental implants, tooth-colored fillings and many related treatments for these situations. Today’s part two of our series will focus on why it’s important for your oral health to replace a lost back tooth.

importance back teeth replacement

Eating is Easier

Back teeth play an important role in chewing and eating processes, and this is one of the key reasons they need to be replaced if they go missing. Taking a bite of food with missing or broken back teeth can be difficult, and may even lead to pain. As the natural process of chewing breaks down food into smaller pieces, the front teeth are where you start cutting down your food.

The tongue is responsible for pushing this food from the gumline to the back of your mouth, where it gets pulverized further by the sharp teeth in the back of your mouth. If these teeth aren’t present, though, several issues may arise.

Avoiding Misaligned Teeth

Back teeth play a key role in maintaining proper mouth alignment and avoiding misaligned teeth. A lot of this has to do with the amount of pressure they help counteract while chewing, especially on the lower jaw.

Warding Off Tooth Deterioration

A lot of pressure is put on the back teeth during chewing, so these teeth need to be able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. If they’re not present, though, this could cause issues with other teeth like the front ones.

By having proper coverage for your back molars and allowing them to do their job properly, you can avoid a lot of these issues.

Stopping Bone Resorption in Missing Tooth Area

When one or more of your back molars are gone, you’re going to face some big challenges in maintaining the bone around teeth. If they’re replaced, however, these issues are avoided.

The reason for this is replacing your missing back molars will help halt what’s known as “bone resorption.” This can be a common issue for patients who have lost one or more back teeth due to gum recession, tooth loss within the natural alignment of your mouth, or other causes. Bone resorption causes the shape of the mouth to shift and sag, making you look older while also decreasing vital bone mass in your jaw area.

For more on why it’s so important to replace missing back teeth in the mouth, or to learn about any of our family dentist services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.