It’s always been important for local businesses to work with and support others in their community, and we take this theme seriously at Canyon Rim Dental. We’re proud to maintain relationships with several other local businesses in the Millcreek area that are mutually beneficial, and we encourage others to do the same.

In fact, our very own Dr. Delahunty recently helped bring his experience and expertise in this area to a larger audience. Back in March, Dr. Delahunty was the featured speaker on a webinar hosted by the Millcreek Business Council, one that went over forming strategic business alliances in the community, our local connections, and several related topics. Why is this theme so important, and what are a few of the elements Dr. Delahunty hit on during his webinar appearance? Here’s a primer.

local strategic business partnerships

Importance and Benefits of Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships in the business world bring about several specific benefits:

Our Recent Webinar

During our recent webinar, Dr. Delahunty dug into some of these themes and much more in this realm. He discussed the partnerships we’ve formed with many local businesses, with collaborations alongside companies like Harmons, Thirst, Jenibee Market and many others. In addition, Dr. Delahunty dug into ways employers can still provide our excellent dental care services for their employees via our in-house plan, even if they don’t offer dental insurance as part of employee benefits.

For more on the importance of local business strategic partnerships, or to learn about any of our Millcreek partnerships or dental services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.