How to Handle an Injury in Salt Lake City

If you have ever been to Salt Lake City, you know that there are a wide range of outdoor activities that you can participate in. Whether you are into skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing or hiking, there is something for you to do in Salt Lake. While all of these activities are very fun to participate in, they are not without risk. If you get injured in Salt Lake City, there are a number of phenomenal medical facilities for you to be seen at.

Emergency Rooms in Salt Lake

If you have a medical emergency, there are a number of hospitals in Salt Lake City to choose from.

St. Marks Hospital

St. Marks Hospital has an emergency room and is one of the closest options if you are on the south end of Salt Lake. This is a great option if the injury occurs in Big Cotton Wood Canyon.

University of Utah

The University of Utah has a lot of medical options for your needs. Whether it is a child or an adult, if you get injured on the northern end of Salt Lake, this is a great option for you. This hospital is especially close to Emigration Canyon, so if that is where you get injured, you should head to the University of Utah Hospital.

LDS Hospital

Despite the name, this hospital is not only for members of the LDS church which is headquartered in Salt Lake City. This is a public hospital, and a very good one at that. If you are in North Salt Lake or on the northern part of the valley, this is a great option for you. This hospital is nestled in the Avenues which is a historic area in Salt Lake City. So once the emergency is over, you can see some of the history of Salt Lake City. You will also find the Capitol Building close by the hospital.

Dental Facilities in Salt Lake City

Obviously we are a little biased here, but if you have a dental emergency in Salt Lake City, you should really come to see us here at Canyon Rim Dental Salt Lake. We have convenient hours and always work to accommodate emergencies.

If we were to recommend another dentist in Salt Lake City (in the event that we are not available), we would recommend Dr. Kim Roberts. He practices in Salt Lake City as well and is overall just a great dentist and a genuine person. Between both of our offices, you should be able to find the help you need in a dental emergency.

If your dental emergency might involve a broken jaw, or if there are excessive amounts of blood, we recommend visiting one of the ERs in Salt Lake City mentioned above rather than trying to get into a dentist.

Great Medical Community

If you are in Salt Lake City and you do get injured, we are sorry for your misfortune. However, we are very happy to have you know that you will be in good medical hands. There are a number of world renowned surgeons and medical professionals here in the Salt Lake Valley. So while we would prefer you didn’t get injured, at least your care will be exceptional. More activities and adventures in Salt Lake City.