Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign Salt Lake City

Are you a little self-conscious because of your teeth? Have you just been wishing that they were perfectly straight teeth but don’t want to worry about the time, energy, commitment, and money it costs to do the regular braces?

The ordinary braces can come with a few potential problems too that can make it even more difficult. Being difficult to clean-even if you’re an avid brusher and flosser. Braces make your teeth painful a lot of the time and nobody wants to deal with that.

Metal braces get in the way and will often cut your gums up which obviously doesn’t sound fun at all. Plus to sooth any cuts you do get, you’re given wax to place on the gum where you’ve cut it. Which means you’re tasting wax all the time.

I’m sorry to say, but it gets worse. Braces take forever to start working. The average patient will have braces for 2-3 years plus. That’s a lot of metal mouth if you ask me. So you’ve not only got to wait all that time to finally get a beautiful mouth of straight teeth, but you’re in pain and frustration the whole time you’re doing it.

If this process sounds like something you would never choose to participate in, you wouldn’t be the first one to avoid the braces.

Luckily, there is a solution to all this while still providing the results you want. A beautiful mouth with straight teeth that you want to show off all the time.

It’s called Invisalign

If you’re wanting the greatest looking smile, boosting your confidence without having to go through all that hassle and pain, then Dr. Delahunty is the most qualified choice for you. For more cosmetic dentistry options, click here.

Why Should I Consider Invisalign?

You’ll actually be pretty excited about how amazing this style of invisible braces will be for you. There are loads of benefits and advantages over your ordinary metal braces.

Let me list out some of the most important benefits that you will love.

  1. Amount of Time– The amount of time it will take to you get to your perfect smile will likely be far less than your traditional wire braces. Because everybody’s teeth are different, in some cases it depends, but the time it takes patients to even start seeing results without a lot of the pains and discomforts is far less than the other methods.
  2. It’s Really Simple– With these clear braces you simply remove while you’re eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing. It’s really nice because you’ll still be able to feel your teeth without all that metal surrounding them.
  3. It’s Quite Comfortable– These braces are made of smooth plastic which will almost go unnoticed and won’t feel like you have anything in your mouth at all. You won’t be dealing with cuts or scrapped up gums like your regular braces do. Plus the entire system is filled with more gradual tweaks which almost completely eliminates the pain and discomfort you would normally feel with other braces.
  4. Convenience– Like I just mentioned, this system is a series of gradual trays that will smoothly adjust your teeth to your perfect straight smile. You’ll swap out the trays every few weeks with each new tray bringing you closer and closer to your best smile. During your checkups, we’ll provide you with sets of trays so you’re not having to come in all the time to get things tweaked or messed with.
  5. Invisible Braces– These clear braces provide the benefits you get from metal braces without all the negative side effects. They are the best of both worlds. These clear trays fit right over your teeth and will slowly be adjusted to straighten your teeth to perfection. One of the biggest perks of these is that you’ll not worry about smiling or feeling self-conscious about your teeth. The go almost completely undetected and help you stay feeling confident and happy while transforming your smile.

Those are some key advantages you should know but I did also want to touch on another aspect that comes after. Having straight teeth in the long run will be such a benefit to your health overall. Think about it, you don’t just want a beautiful smile you want a healthy mouth. Having crowded teeth or gaps can cause problems in the future and make the dental work a big pain in so many ways. Having straight teeth will make it much easier to keep your dental hygiene where it needs to be.

Some people ask if this treatment will work because they feel their teeth are not a good candidate. Let me ease your mind about this.

Whether you have a crossbite, an overbite, gapped teeth, or even overly crowded, these invisalign braces will be a perfect solution for your needs. With the help from Dr Delahunty, and his team, you will feel confident and excited about getting started on your new gorgeous smile. Ask one of our dentists in Salt Lake City about your options for straighter teeth!

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