At Canyon Rim Dental, we’re proud to provide both your standard family dentist and emergency dentist services, but also several more advanced treatments for those who need them. One such area is our sleep apnea treatment – sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that relates to disruptions of breathing during sleep, and while you may not have realized its connection to dentistry in the past, a quality sleep apnea dentist can have a major positive impact on those with this condition.

In particular, a highly effective method used for sleep apnea treatment by many such dentists is known as the Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD, or mandible), one of several sleep apnea mouth devices that may be considered for those dealing with sleep apnea. This two-part blog will go over everything you need to know about MAD devices, from their basics and how they work to the types available, comparisons with other mouth products and how your insurance will handle these themes.

mandibular advancement sleep apnea

Basics on MAD Devices

For many people, snoring and sleep apnea relate to a partial obstruction of their airway that leads to and from their lungs. This obstruction is often the tongue or an issue in the throat.

The MAD device helps limit this restriction by moving the jaw and tongue forward. This moves them away from the back of the throat, increasing the space available in the upper airway and limiting the air resistance that causes snoring. MADs are generally fit to the mouth, molded to your specific tooth alignment to allow you to bite down easily while wearing them. The upper jaw essentially acts as a fixed frame while the MAD pushes the lower jaw forward, finding a great balance between the back of the tongue and the throat’ soft tissue.

Types of MADs

There are three types of MADs: boil and bite, semi-custom, and custom dental. However, I only recommend that you use ta custom-fitted dental MAD. This is specifically made via physician referral and custom-created by a sleep specialists or dentists. It is meant to fit perfectly, with expert refining.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

As you may have guessed while reading the MAD types above, these vary pretty widely in terms of cost. Boil and bite options may be available for as little as $40, but you aren’t likely to get optimal results from these – more expensive options, on the other hand, can run into the thousands but provide far greater benefits.

Most medical insurance companies will cover medical sleep devices, but this depends on your specific policy and coverage depth.  Consult with your health provider to find out if a custom-fitted MAD would be covered for you.

For more on sleep apnea treatment, or to learn about any of our general dentistry services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.