Within certain procedures that may be performed by a dentist, such as those that are likely to cause pain, sedation is a common technique used to limit this. There are a few different forms of sedation that might be used depending on the need, and this realm in general is referred to as sedation dentistry.

At Canyon Rim Dental, we’re proud to offer numerous general dentist services to all our clients, from cosmetic dentistry through dental implants, emergency dental services and many other areas. Some of these procedures may involve a need for sedation, and there’s also a significant patient component here – that is, we will take your pain tolerance and your desire (or lack thereof) for sedation into consideration, at least where it’s reasonable.

However, to make this decision properly, you need the right information – and this isn’t always available within popular culture. Sadly, a few myths have sprung up about sedation dentistry over the years that lead patients in the wrong direction; we’re here to debunk these in this two-part blog series.

sedation dentistry myths safety

It’s Not Safe

The first and most damaging myth out there about dental sedation is that it’s unsafe. This simply isn’t true at all: While there might be certain sedation methods your dentist would not recommend for you if you have certain bodily conditions or past issues, methods like nitrous oxide tend to be safe for basically everyone.

In addition, your dentist will work with you closely on this process. They will explain exactly how a sedation method works, if needed, plus ask you questions to determine if you’ve had any past sedation issues.

It’s Only for Kids

While it’s absolutely true that sedation dentistry is often used for children, as it helps limit their pain and soothe dental anxiety within many necessary procedures, some are under the mistaken impression that only kids are eligible for sedation. In reality, tons of adults also deal with dental anxiety or extreme dental fear – and your dentist will absolutely be understanding and accommodating if you, as an adult, still request sedation for any procedures that involve pain.

It’s Only for Complex Procedures

Another issue many, including some adults, have with sedation dentistry: They’re afraid to ask for it for what they think of as “minor” procedures, worried about being seen as overly sensitive. But this simply isn’t how these conversations will go – there are plenty of reasons you might require dental sedation even for simpler procedures, such as if you have an overly sensitive gag reflex or certain physical disabilities. And even if your only reason for requesting it is simple pain tolerance, this is completely reasonable to ask about.

For more on sedation dentistry and debunking the myths surrounding it, or to learn about any of our family dentist services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.