Skiing in Salt Lake City, UT – The Greatest Snow on Earth

You may have heard that Utah has the greatest snow on earth. Perhaps we are a little biased, but skiing in Salt Lake City is great! You can access more than 5 ski resorts within 30 minutes of Salt Lake City. When we say ski resorts, we are not just talking about little two run ski resorts, we are talking about massive ski resorts like: Snowbird, Deer Valley, Park City, The Canyons, Solitude and more.

These are ski resorts where professional skiers and snowboarders train because of the awesome snow and features that the resorts provide.

Things to Remember When Planning a Ski Vacation to Salt Lake City

Many people come to Salt Lake City from all around the world to ski. Many of them have a favorite resort and choose to stay close to that resort. We have also found that many people want to get a taste of all of the amazing resorts in the Salt Lake area. If you find yourself fitting into the latter description, we highly recommend staying in the Salt Lake Valley.

Choose a Central Location

If you want to ski at multiple locations, it is probably a good idea to stay in the Salt Lake area because it is central to most of the ski resorts. Your lodging and dining costs are also going to be significantly lower if you stay in Salt Lake City as opposed to a resort town. If money is not an issue, and you have a favorite resort where you will be spending most of your time, by all means, stay there.

Find Discounted Tickets on KSL

KSL is Utah’s version of Craigslist. If you are looking for deals on ski tickets, you should start there. You can often find good deals to many of the resorts in the Salt Lake area.

Try Night Skiing to Save Money

Many of the resorts around Salt Lake City offer night skiing options. If you are not a die hard who wants to ski 10 hours per day at each resort, and don’t have a significant aversion to the cold, this might be a good option for you. Night skiing is less expensive and still gets you a few good hours of skiing or snowboarding.

Pack Your Own Food

This is probably not a surprise, but if you are trying to save a little bit of money on your ski vacation, you should pack your own food. There are plenty of places at most resorts to store your cooler, although you may have to fork out a couple dollars. You will still likely be significantly better off with this option as opposed to buying the food at the resort.

Get Ready for a Fun Ski Adventure

Whether you like back country powder or the terrain park, you will find several options that fit the bill in Salt Lake City. From some of the craziest parks to some of the most epic back country ski spots, Salt Lake City has some awesome ski destinations. It’s no wonder they call it the greatest snow on earth! More information about Salt Lake City, UT.