For many people, a lost tooth is a major incident that can have a legitimate impact on self-confidence, oral health and more. Luckily, with modern oral care techniques available, this is no longer the concern it once was.

At the offices of Canyon Rim Dental and Dr. Sam Delahunty, we’re proud to offer numerous dental services to our clients, from dental implants and other solutions to lost teeth to emergency dental appointments and many other family dental areas in between. Here’s a two-part series on Dr. Delahunty and what he does for patients, plus a primer on the importance and function of the teeth and how our staff will ensure no serious concerns arise from any sort of lost or damaged tooth situation.

tooth importance smile function

Dr. Delahunty’s Services

The foundation of our dental practice is Dr. Delahunty, who is a proud ADA member with years of experience across several areas of the dental realm. Dr. Delahunty has extensive training in dental implants and the modern techniques used to make them robust and long-lasting, plus in areas like patient comfort.

Dr. Delahunty and our staff know full well that what really makes a beautiful, engaging smile is the teeth. Many people suffer from lack of confidence due to issues with their smile, or related concerns with laughing, singing and other areas. But we’re here to offer modern solutions that will stand the test of time and help improve both your self-esteem and your mouth’s function.

Basic Teeth Functions

The teeth are responsible not only for smile aesthetics, but also oral health, proper nutrition and more. There are four primary tooth types, each with its own set of functions for chewing and structure:

Apart from their food breakdown qualities, teeth are also primarily responsible for the structure of the mouth, and play a big role in jaw alignment as well.

No More Permanently Lost Teeth

In past generations, a lost tooth may have meant a far more serious concern for some patients. Certain lost or damaged teeth could become permanent issues, damaging self-esteem and oral health for the long-term.

Today, however, this concern is a thing of the past. With advanced tools and technology, Dr. Delahunty will restore any lost or damaged tooth, allowing the mouth to return to full function while also improving smile confidence and related self-esteem areas. Part two of our series will cover some of the modern techniques we’ll use to achieve these results.

For more on the importance of the teeth and how Dr. Delahunty can help, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.