Take a Trip to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, UT

If you have children who love animals, or if you just love animals yourself, you should definitely take a trip to Hogle Zoo next time you are in Salt Lake City. Nestled at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, Hogle Zoo is home to all sorts of animals. People in Salt Lake City, and in Utah in general have been visiting this amazing zoo for several decades.

Accessibility of the Zoo from Different Areas in Salt Lake

While the Zoo is located on the far East side of Salt Lake City, it is easily accessible from almost anywhere.

Downtown Salt Lake City

If you are staying downtown, you are only about 10-15 minutes away from this awesome destination. You can take University Blvd east and it will connect you with E Sunny Side Ave. Take Sunny Side east and you will see the Zoo on your right hand side. it is very accessible from downtown SLC.

Salt Lake City Airport

If you are trying to get to the zoo from the airport you are in luck. You only need to make a few turns before you are at the zoo. Just punch Hogle Zoo into Google Maps and you will quickly see that you are merely 20 minutes away from the zoo.

I-15 Freeway

If you are not staying in Salt Lake, but would still like to gauge how long it would take to reach the zoo, just figure out how long it would take you to get to the Salt Lake City freeway exits. You are about 10-12 minutes away from most of the freeway exits in SLC.

Planning for Your Visit to Hogle Zoo

There are a few things to remember that will make your visit to Hogle Zoo much more enjoyable.

When to Go

First is to try to plan for a time when most kids will be in school, or right when the zoo opens. Something that many people don not realize about Salt Lake City, and about Utah in general is that there are A LOT of children here. If you go on a summer day when the kids are all awake and not in school, you are likely going to find a VERY crowded zoo. If you go early in the day you might miss the crowds, and if you go while the kids are in school, you will probably have very few people there (as long as there are no field trips).

What to Bring

Utah has some pretty hot summers, so you will want to make sure that you bring sunscreen and probably a hat. As far as food goes, Hogle Zoo does have food inside, but it is rather expensive. You may want to pack a cooler full of food to leave in the car.

How Much it Costs

Hogle Zoo is fairly inexpensive as far as zoos are concerned. Adult admission is $8, child admission (ages 3-12) is $7, and kids two and under are free. There are often vouchers that you can find through local Salt Lake businesses that will allow you to get an even better deal, but that obviously varies depending on when you go.



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