Attractions that You Don’t Want to Miss in Salt Lake City

If you are visiting Salt Lake City, there are a few things that you should not miss. One of those, in our opinion is watching the Utah Jazz play basketball in the Vivint Smart Home Arena. We know that they Utah Jazz have had their ups and downs, but if you are in Salt Lake City, this is something that you should not miss.

Tips to Navigating Through Salt Lake City for the Jazz Game

Should you decide to partake in the awesomeness that is the Utah Jazz experience while you are in Salt Lake City, you are going to want a few navigation tips. Here are some things to remember when navigating down town Salt Lake City on your way to a Jazz game:

Leave Early

If you are going to be downtown during a Jazz game, you are going to want to miss the traffic. We recommend leaving early and taking in some of the other things to do that are near the arena. Here are a few things you can do while you are waiting:

Visit City Creek Center

City creek is a very nice shopping center only a couple blocks away from the arena. If you leave early, you can find good parking and enjoy some nice shopping at City Creek. There are also several attractions in the shopping center that the kids will love.

Shop at the Gateway

The Gateway is another awesome shopping center that is even closer to the arena. You can plan to shop and eat while you are there. This will allow you to arrive earlier to miss traffic, while providing something fun to do!

Plan to Eat Down Town Beforehand

This is probably good advice for any sporting event, but you don’t want to be trying to find somewhere to eat right before the game starts. It will also probably be easier on your pocket book to find somewhere besides the arena to eat. Let’s be honest, sporting event food is neither cheap, nor good. Do yourself a favor and find a restaurant to eat at a couple hours before the game.

Buy Your Tickets on KSL

A tip to finding anything to purchase in Salt Lake City is to make sure that you use KSL Classifieds. While Craigslist it the classified choice for most states and cities, KSL is by far the most popular classified site in Salt Lake City. If you are looking for tickets, you should check there first. KSL is a local news station to Salt Lake City that launched a classified section many years ago. It is by far the most utilized classified website in Salt Lake City, and in Utah in general.

Cross Your Fingers that Gordon Hayward Decides to Stay in Salt Lake

This one only makes the cut because it is pertinent to when this article is being written, but this is 2017 and the Jazz were actually a good team this past season. Gordon Hayward is trying to make his decision about whether to stay with the Utah Jazz or not. Obviously most people in Utah would love for Gordon to stay in Salt Lake City, but only time will tell. The reason that we mention to cross your fingers is because if Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert are still on the Jazz when you get to watch them play, you are probably going to be watching a pretty good game! If you do find yourself in Salt Lake City, stop by Canyon Rim Dental. We would love to see you!