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Canyon Rim Dental Providing Premiere Dental Healthcare for You and Your Family.


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“Without teeth YOU simply cannot receive proper Nutrition let alone Smile, Laugh, Sing or have Self Confidence.”  Dr. Sam Delahunty

With Over 337 Five Star Reviews Canyon Rim Dental is the Place for You.
Me and my whole family love Canyon Rim dental. Dr. Sam is very attentive, and explains things very clearly at all times. I love how he gives follow up phone calls after treatment to make sure his patients are doing okay. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone! All the staff are very amazing. Shout out to my favorite hygienist Trista as well. She keeps my teeth so clean and I love her work.
Natalie M.
I have had some terrible experiences with dentists, so I am a bit skeptical when I have to get work done whether the dentist is going to be good or not. Dr. Delahunty was incredibly friendly and did an amazing job - the staff was super nice and helpful! If you are looking for a dentist who actually cares and has some awesome bedside manner- Canyon Rim Dental is the place!
Josh C.
Fantastic work by all. Staff is spectacular. I needed a root canal, but with the careful work executed by the doctor and his staff, I felt no pain and had an easy recovery. Also, they give you a pretty awesome cup when you join... so yeah, don’t be stupid just make an appointment.
river K.
I had a wonderful experience at Canyon Rim Dental. I don't like the dentist. I avoid the dentist if I can, at all costs. I cracked a tooth. It needed to be fixed. Dr. Sam determined that I needed a root canal. It was the easiest and quickest appointment from start to finish. He's the best. Maggie
Maggie P.
Excellent experience sums it up pretty nicely; however, more explanation is needed to really drive home my great experience.Dr. Sam and his team were all very professional and also very welcoming. I had a rather complicated procedure which was coordinated with doctors from out of state as I moved to Utah mid process. Everything went very smoothly, and my smile has been restored to it's previous state. I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Sam provided a follow up call to ensure everything was going well and I feeling ok. One important aspect which can't go without mentioning was that Dr. Sam and his team took the time to explain the procedures very well, and also physically show me what they were dealing with. This provided the reassurance that I was being cared for by a team of people with in depth knowledge and a sound understanding of what it takes to do a great job. I would recommend Canyon Rim Dental to anyone looking for a dentist office of the highest quality, professionalism, and genuine patient care. -Jared
Jared W.
I’ve had a few dentists in my lifetime, but I’ve never been so impressed then I am with Canyon Rim Dental. The staff is fantastic, I’ve learned things about caring for my teeth from the hygienists that I probably should have already known, but never did. They are friendly and helpful. Dr Delahunty is kind and knowledgeable, he takes time to explain any concerns or procedures. He makes sure your comfortable during a procedure and out of all the numbing shots I’ve had (which are many) his are by far less painful, I don’t know how he does it, but I swear it doesn’t hurt as bad as other dentists I’ve had. He also put a crown on my then 5 year old son and fixed a few cavities for him. He was so good with my son and helped him stay clam and it was overall such a great experience for him too.
Just had a crown down today, Dr. Sam is the best! I had an emotional experience as a teenage with having to have eleven cavities done. Today as I sat in the chair to have work done for my crown old memories came back. Dr Sam sensed my nervousness and took time to make me feel at ease. And all through the procedure he kept checking to make sure I was alright. Not only was it a good experience while I was there, but later tonight he called me personally to check to see how I was doing. That was going above and beyond ! I really feel he and the staff are very friendly and helpful and concerned with my needs. Thanks Dr Sam and staff!
Diane M.
I was clenching and grinding my teeth so bad that I was experiencing severe jaw pain. Some nights it would take me hours to go to sleep. Dr. Sam recommended a night guard and it has been a total life saver! My jaw pain has gone away and my quality of sleep has improved greatly!
Amy H.
If your looking for a great dentist I recommend this office. Dr. Sam Delahaunty is amazing! The staff is always above and beyond nice. They are great with kids too. Austin my son loves going here for his cleanings. It’s been a nice experience for our family.
shelley F.
I recently had to have some work done with Dr Sam Delahunty to repair some failed work done by a previous dentist. His work is excellent I feel like he had all the latest tools and techniques. The 3d imaging is awesome! He explained the problems and procedure to me so I felt comfortable. As a dentist I feel like he goes above and beyond! I'm very happy with all the work I had done from Sam and his staff at canyon rim dental.
Weston B.


Salt Lake City's Best General, Family, & Cosmetic Dentist

Welcome to Canyon Rim Dental! Have you been looking for a great dentist in Salt Lake City? Our highly qualified team is ready to exceed all of your expectations! We provide quality, personalized dental treatment and care for long-term oral health. We constantly strive to exceed our patients’ expectations by continually improving ourselves. At our office, your dental health, comfort and safety are our top priorities. 

Affordable Dental Care for Utah Families

Our services include everything that modern dentistry has to offer, such as general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to meet the needs of your whole family. At Canyon Rim Dental, part of our commitment is to provide our patients with relevant information regarding available procedures to help them make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. Furthermore, we want all of our patients to have confidence in their smiles.

Friendly Dentist Office Near Salt Lake City, Utah

We believe that the combination of traditional dental care and modern technology result in the best dental services. We apply this philosophy in all of Canyon Rim Dental’s general, cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Dr. Sam Delahunty

“Without teeth YOU simply cannot receive proper nutrition let alone Smile, Laugh, Sing or have Self Confidence.” – Dr. Sam Delahunty

Dr. Delahunty loves dentistry. His passion for dentistry began when he was 12 years old! He attended Alta High School, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska. He was selected to participate in a prestigious hospital residency with specific training focused on complex full mouth rehabilitation including root canal and dental implant restorations. He maintains professional affiliations with the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the American Dental Association, the Utah Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists.

Dr. Delahunty’s passion for dentistry and love of helping patients just like you who want to have beautiful smiles is why you should consider Canyon Rim Dental.


Browse our numerous service options to discover how we can help you.

We have a number of patients who are missing permanent teeth who want to get dental implants. Our doctors are have provided hundreds of dental implants to patients over the years, and are even trained to provide same day dental implants. This means that, if you are a good candidate, you could walk away with a new tooth in about two hours.

When you are considering dental implants, you are looking at a tooth replacement that could last for the rest of your life, or at least for many years. Seeing as you will be using this tooth for years to come, you want to find someone with the experience and training to help make sure that your implant is done exceptionally well. Dr. Delahunty and our dentists at Canyon Rim Dental definitely fit that bill.

If you are considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure, you want someone with the training and experience to help make your smile look amazing! Dr. Sam Delahunty and our team here at Canyon Rim Dental have some of the best training available, and they have the experience needed to provide you with amazing cosmetic dental care. Cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, gum contouring, gum grafting, crown lengthening and more. Request a cosmetic consultation to learn more about your options in our Salt Lake City location.

General and Family Dentistry

Thousands of patients trust their dental health to Dr. Sam Delahunty and his qualified team. Our general dentistry services are a perfect fit whether you are looking for anyone who is looking for an exceptional family dentist. Our team has special training to meet your needs.

Our treatment philosophy is simple. We work hard to educate our patients. We want our patients to be fully aware of the exact state of their oral health, and the actions they would need to take to get it to where they would like it to be. You are fully in control of the treatment options you choose. We NEVER want our patients to feel pressured into treatment. We educate, you make the choice, and we provide the best service possible. Simple as that!

You never know when an accident or injury might occur to the teeth or mouth, and this is why it’s vital to ensure you have an emergency dentist who offers after-hours service available to you. Not only this, but it’s vital to ensure you know how to respond to a dental emergency and related symptoms until an emergency dentist is able to fit you in. Both these areas are hugely important for not only addressing dental emergencies as quickly as possible to limit pain and other symptoms, but also to limit the risk of significant figure complications.


Canyon Rim would Love to be Your Dental Provider! 

We are one of the most highly rated Utah dental practices. We love our patients and the community.


We are fully aware that you have many options when choosing a dentist. If you are not convinced that we are the best option for you after reading our dentist’s bio, we suggest doing a little more digging online, and in the community. Chances are high that after reading our reviews and talking with friends and family who have been to our office, you will be ready to make an appointment. We truly go above and beyond to make our patients feel comfortable and to be sure that they are receiving the highest quality dental care available. If you have any questions about our dentists or the dental services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (801) 486-3887. Please browse our website to learn how we can help you, and your family, with your dental health care