Oral care is a continuing theme for all of us, and the dental checkup is a perfect example here. A regular checkup from your dentist is your first line of defense against many oral issues that could pop up over time, helping limit any concerns while keeping your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth healthy and clean.

At Canyon Rim Dental, our family dentist services include a number of basic checkup services and themes, from basic cleanings and cavity prevention techniques to fluoride treatments, dental sealants and more. While “dental checkup” is actually a pretty broad category, it refers to several sub-categories – some of these will be carried out during every checkup, while some will be less common and only used in certain scenarios. This two-part blog series will go over everything you can expect during a dental checkup, including why they’re important to begin with.

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Why Checkups Matter

Firstly, it’s important to understand why dental checkups matter. Why are they important every six months or so, as your dentist keeps reminding you?

Well, because these checkups provide major resources for your oral care. Not only do they allow for forms of cleaning and treatment you can’t provide for yourself at home, they also allow your dental professionals to inspect your mouth and gums and identify and building issues before they become severe. There are many minor dental problems that can easily be corrected or changed as long as they’re spotted early enough, but will grow into much more concerning issues if they are not identified and attended to.

Our next several sections will go over the various types of treatments or services you’ll receive during a dental checkup.

General Checkup

Every dental checkup will include a general exam, which will be carried out both by your dentist and sometimes other members of the practice. Your gums, teeth and even throat will be examined. In addition, this checkup will include basic teeth cleaning using professional-quality equipment.


The gums are just as important as the teeth to many parts of oral care, and they’re another area that will be examined thoroughly during every dental checkup. This will begin with a basic examination plus a full flossing session, usually carried out by a nurse in the practice.

In many cases, these processes will allow for greater understanding of your current gum quality. For instance, a common occurrence during this flossing session will be bleeding from the gums – some of this is normal, but too much may indicate gums that are unhealthy. There may also be other signs your dentist picks up on here, and they may offer you expertise or themes like increased flossing to help limit these concerns.

For more on the various elements involved in a dental checkup, or to learn about any of our general dentistry services, speak to the staff at Canyon Rim Dental today.