TMJ Treatment in Salt Lake City

TMJ treatment Salt Lake CityTMJ stands for temporo-mandibular joint. This joint connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull. This joint is actually fairly complex, and it is one of the most utilized joints in the body. If you think about it, your TMJ is being used every time you talk, eat or do anything else that moves your jaw.

When people say they have TMJ, they are probably right. Everyone who has a jaw has a temporo-mandibular joint. More than likely, when someone says this, they are meaning that they have TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder means that the joint is not functioning the way that it should. This can lead to popping, pain and can even cause your jaw to lock up.

How to Know if You Have TMJ Disorder

If you have TMJ disorder, you probably already know. This is because of the symptoms that accompany the disorder. People will often develop headaches, tension in your jaw, popping or locking of your their jaw. Your dentist can tell you if your temporo-mandibular joint is not working properly when they perform a dental exam.

What to do if You Have Temporo-mandibular Joint Disorder

A dentist who has experience treating patients who suffer from temporo-mandibular joint disorder can do a number of things to help your joint start functioning correctly again. The solutions can range from relaxations exercises and techniques to appliances that can help appropriately position your jaw.

Our dentists have the experience necessary to help you fix your temporo-mandibular joint. We are happy to provide you with an examination to determine what can be done in your specific situation.

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